Talk to Globe! Or…not.

I tried to e-mail Globe about their website today. The telecom’s sucky customer service is legendary, but I thought: hey, it’s site feedback! They’ll be glad I took the time to comment. I got this canned response:

Dear Valued Subscriber, Your feedback is important to us. To serve you better, please do one of the following: For new inquiries, kindly fill out our online form or you may copy and paste this URL to your Internet Browser . . .

My feedback consisted of four measly sentences that took less than a minute to write. It seemed like overkill to chat about it with a customer service rep, but also too much effort to transact via text. I decided to attempt contact via the online form instead. Should be easy enough, right? Nope.

Screenshot of Talk2Globe online feedback form
Talk to Globe! As soon as you type up ALL your personal information.

It turns out the form is a pain to complete. It asks for your full name, number, e-mail address, billing address, birthday, and mother’s maiden name, stopping just short of asking what you had for lunch or where you see your career going in five years. All fields are required, except for the one where you describe your concern. What.

The site itself has no memory of you, loading the same page whether you’re logged in or not. You’ll have to type all that up or copy-paste from an open text file, for every report you submit. Ideally, your internet remains stable throughout the process, but who are we kidding? This is the Philippines. We’ve all felt the pain of losing painstakingly-written posts to connectivity failure at some point in our tech lives, and we likely will again.

What’s funny is that it was actually a similar usability issue that made me want to leave feedback in the first place. Globe recently launched a page where subscribers like me can report spammy phone numbers, only we have to type the actual spammy message to complete the report.

Screenshot of form field saying: Please type the exact message you received
Because spammers haven’t already wasted our time enough.

I still have a lot to learn about web design, but I’m pretty sure the feedback process isn’t meant to end with the user saying, “You know what, fuck it,” and writing a blog post. You need to do better, Globe. Here’s a good place to start.


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