Automattic, please don’t fuck this up

Simplenote, my note-taking tool of choice,has just been acquired by Automattic, the company behind can make any user nervous, but the makers of Simplenote are quick to offer reassurance:

Simplenote is in good hands. Our new family, now over 140 people strong and distributed around the world, lives and breathes all things internet. They get this stuff.

This sounds like Flickr when Yahoo! acquired them back in ancient times, though:

We’ll be working with a bunch of people that Totally Get Flickr and want to preserve the community and the flavor of what is here.

We all know how that turned out.

Official clients for Windows and Android are something to look forward to, but I hope that any other “improvement” is made in the service of the tag-based system, which already works well as is. Please, Automattic. It’s this or text files.

(What, Evernote? Don’t even talk to me about Evernote.)


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